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The FITNESIS BELIEVES PROGRAM is dedicated to investing 100% of its retained earnings to the Fitnesis Financial Aide program. It is NEW non-for-profit clothing line that provides access with assistance to the health care services within the Fitnesis referral network to provide its clients the chance to live healthy, happy lives.
You can support real philanthropy and know that you are helping something special by purchasing this clothing line. With success, this will bring elite level of preventative, holistic health care service to people who can’t afford it and lower the strain on our healthcare system.
Wear these clothes proudly because you know what you are supporting! The next time someone tells you that the world is never going to change spread the love and tell them about Fitnesis. Say, “See? Someone is DOING something about it! You want to help? Well here’s a sweet sweatshirt!”
Feel free shop through the clothes and combinations! There’s a way to donate directly to the program at the bottom of the page, too.
All prints are limited edition. Stay unique.
ORIGINAL FITNESIS T-SHIRT for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,XL
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ORIGINAL FITNESIS SWEATPANTS for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,XL
2015-02-28 22.57.522015-03-09 12.58.22

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ORIGINAL FITNESIS SWEATSHIRT for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,XL
2015-02-28 22.59.47

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JAM KIT (t-shirt, sweatpants) for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,XL
2015-02-28 23.20.24

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FULL SWEATSUIT (sweatshirt, sweatpants) for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,XL
2015-02-28 22.55.17

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FULL OUTFIT (t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants) for men and women. Unisex Sizes: YL(XS),S,M,L,X
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Here it is… here’s my pitch.

Money is a struggle for many people. REAL STRUGGLE. As in, “I work three part time jobs and don’t have health insurance and I have a family. I REALLY want to work with you, but I can’t afford it.” Or maybe… “I have to pay for expensive dental work. I want to keep working with you, but I can’t afford both.” Or… “I am on welfare because of the health conditions caused by drugs I was prescribed that almost killed me.” These are REAL things I have heard from people.

I was LUCKY to have a family that supported me through HARD times. My family could do that for me. For some hard working families, there are no resources available for them to find the care or guidance or education they need to stay healthy and be happy.

Already I have been training someone for free week-by-week for 6 months after 6 month of discounted sessions. For another person, I spent my Sundays for over a month driving 60 minutes round trip to help them rearrange their entire kitchen, help them choose the essential kitchen equipment they need and teach them how to cook healthy meals quickly and ahead of time. And you know what? I loved it…


These services teach people to nurture their own health and happiness. That boosts their productivity in every facet of life like the economy, lowering healthcare costs, their local communities and even within their own families. It teaches through example that life is a team effort.

When you change even one life it changes the world for at least two. You can start with donating to the FITNESIS BELIEVES PROGRAM and know that you just help provide someone a service they may otherwise never get.

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