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Fitnesis is…


Advocating Lifestyle Science to change the world one life at a time. Mastering a preventative, holistic health care approach to help get you to your genetic potential. Teaching the importance of proper exercise, eating whole, home economics, sustainable living, healthy relationships and fun. Guiding people through the worm hole to health and happiness.


Fitnesis is the beginning of Lifestyle Science applied. We are now in a time where the secrets to unlimited health and happiness are waiting to be brought into the limelight for modern life. This company stands as a guide to individuals. Trying to create your own program for health is hard and less rewarding. All of the Fitnesis referral network and I are here to take away the trial and error, and to share the experience.


Let’s begin today!


My goal is to grow Fitnesis into a Benefit Corporation. Reading a little about this corporate structure will give you more of an idea on what kind of company Fitnesis is and will become.